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Painting – A Cake Decorator’s Technique

Whilst I enjoy making edible cake and cupcake toppers, the unicorn being the most popular at the moment, I had been asked to make a football shirt cake for a friend’s son.  He loves England and they have a new Euro 2012 jersey shirt which became his 18th birthday cake earlier this month.  Below are the pictures of the final product being England’s Euro Sports Jersey Cake made of chocolate mud cake with hand painted lion logo.

The painting technique I have used, was learnt a while back but I haven’t had to use it for a long time. The technique is used when hand painting onto fondant a special hand painted section or embellishment.  I wanted to share it with you because sometimes things look harder than they actually are. Try something small that can be added to your cake, like a pocket of a shirt, then work you way up to actually painting directly onto a cake.  This will get you used to overcoming the fear of possibly ruining the cake.

First of all, you need to get a photo of the logo or object to paint whether that be by actually taking the photo or searching for it on Google.  Once you have that picture, you need to put it into your computer’s photoshop or editing software so you can resize the photo and if possible, reverse the photo.  In doing this, you can size it to the appropriate scale for the cake on the computer screen or print it out.  If you can reverse the picture on the screen this is very beneficial and is what I do all the time and makes the process quicker.

Next, grab some sticky tape (very technical, I know) and tape a sheet of baking paper or tracing paper onto the actual print out, or like me the computer screen.  Then if the photo is reversed, proceed to trace in grey lead, pencil the logo or sketch.  Once this is done, you can take the traced picture and place onto the ready rolled fondant in the position where the painting will be and lightly re-trace the picture.  It should now be facing the correct way on the fondant / cake and it will leave a fine grey lead outline on the fondant.

This is where you can now see the outline and take your alcohol and liquid food coloring.  Proceed with a very fine tipped brush and paint your picture directly onto the fondant / cake. You should use an alcohol such as vodka as if you water down the food coloring with water, it actually can eat away at the fondant, whereas the alcohol evaporates quickly.

I hope this quick technique helps the next time you want to print some lettering or copy a logo onto your cakes or cupcakes.


Euro football jersey cake

Hand painted logo

 Euro England Football Logo